Maryland Poor People’s Campaign Fact Sheet

Maryland Poor People’s Campaign Fact Sheet

  1. Safe and Secure Housing for All
    Fund Emergency Rental Assistance, Eviction Prevention, & Rent Stabilization. Marylanders are suffering! Rents are skyrocketing. Statewide, 26% of renter households are extremely low wealth. They can’t earn $60,183 to afford a 2-bedroom rental. We need stable housing and eviction prevention measures. Housing is a human right!
  2. End Maryland Child Poverty
    Make the Maryland Extended Child Tax Credit PERMANENT! The Federal Extended Child Tax Credit raised 45% of U.S. children out of poverty. Maryland families deserve permanent economic security for their children, particularly those in the lower-income bracket. The General Assembly failed to pass this Tax Credit in 2022. Families need this tax credit now.
  3. HealthCare for EVERY Person
    Expand American Care Act eligibility to undocumented immigrants! A combination of Maryland law and federal law denies health insurance to 40% of undocumented Maryland residents. Immigrants are a significant part of Maryland’s workforce, especially as healthcare support workers. Undocumented immigrants—regardless of status—deserve eligibility to ACA and the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange. And Vote to create the Commission on Universal HealthCare.
  4. Living Wage NOW
    Make $15.00 the statewide minimum wage now. The MD PPC Resolution to End Poverty documents how poor, low-wealth, and working people cannot support themselves or their families on the current Maryland minimum wage. No worker should have to wait TWO YEARS (January 2025) to earn $14/hour in a small business and $15 in a large business. Like those in Washington, DC, Maryland workers in our expensive region need at least a $15/hr wage now just to pay for basic necessities. Help working families thrive!
  5. Restore Communities Devastated by Unjust Cannabis Laws
    Implement record expungement, sentence appeals, & the Marijuana Community Reinvestment Fund. In November, Voters passed Legalization of Cannabis. Voters were also promised implementation of the Cannabis Reform bill that would rectify the harm caused to highly impacted communities, and Maryland citizens arrested and incarcerated and then denied Maryland citizen benefits upon their release. Repair the harm caused by unjust cannabis laws and enforcement!
    ACTION: Sign & Enact the Resolution to End Poverty in Maryland. go to to read the Resolution… and then sign!
    Follow us: Top Five Legislative Priorities for the 2023 Maryland General Assembly

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