Expand Solar Energy in Maryland – Make Community Solar Permanent!

Sierra Club Maryland Chapter Take ActionArray of solar panels on a farmTake action!
Maryland urgently needs to increase solar energy to get off fossil fuels and meet its ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets. Community Solar can bring solar energy to thousands of the estimated 75% of Marylanders who can’t have solar on their own roof — especially low- and moderate-income families, who have largely been left out of solar access. 

Email your state legislators urging them to make Community Solar a permanent part of our state’s clean energy future!
The Maryland General Assembly established Community Solar as a pilot program that began operating in 2017. Over 60 Community Solar projects are now providing low-cost locally generated solar electricity to more than 10,000 households, with over 200 more projects in development. Community Solar generally costs 5-10% less than the rates utilities offer, with discounts of 20-25% for participants who are low- or moderate-income. The program also has created a robust industry and good jobs in the state. 

But the number of projects is limited by it being a pilot program; and after July, no new projects can be developed before the end of the pilot in 2024. With no plan to continue and expand Community Solar, Maryland may lose this important way to offer clean renewable solar-generated electricity to most of our residents, and also may lose this future-oriented industry and the jobs it creates. 

Tell your legislators to make permanent this successful program to make clean, affordable solar energy more available to Maryland households! 

Community Solar is not experimental – 20 other states have operating Community Solar programs.

Register to attend our annual Lobby Night on February 13 to speak directly to your legislators about passing our top priority bills, including the Community Solar bill. You also are invited to attend the Maryland environmental community’s annual Environmental Summit, which will be held virtually on January 31.

Thank you,

Randy Lyon
Maryland Sierra Club Legislative ChairPhoto credit: The Daily Gazette (Schenectady)
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