Maryland Legislation

MD Pollinator Habitat law passed the MD general Assembly!

  • Thanks to the leadership and hard work Maryland Pesticide Education Network Maryland will protect our health, our food, and our pollinators! .With deep gratitude for our champions in the MD General Assembly : Bill Sponsors Del. Healey and Sen. Nathan-Pulliam; Senate Education & Environmental Affairs Committee Chair & Vice Chair, Sen. Joan Carter-Conway & Sen. Pinsky; House Environment & Transportation Committee Chair and Vice Chair Del. Barve & Del. Stein, and 2016 Habitat law sponsor, Del. Lafferty.
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To date 935 bills have passed the Maryland General assembly, notably the only environmental bill is the fracking ban, with Gov Hogan support.  After 5 years, paid sick leave is offered to three quarters of a million workers!  Also 5 resolutions have passed, one protecting the Affordable Care Act.  The Governor has vetoed HB 978 and well over 100 will have his signature today.

Support for the Democracy Amendment Resolution:
15,000 petition messages sent by 4,500 Marylanders to their senators and delegates.
1,600 phone calls made to legislators’ offices, 62 co-sponsors in House of Delegates, 23 co-sponsors in Senate

Endorsement by:

Sen. Chris Van Hollen, Rep. Jamie Raskin,  Rep. Elijah Cummings
Pastor Delman Coates, Mt. Ennon Baptist Church
Maryland State Conference of the NAACP, Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Yet Anne Healey can put this away in the drawer!!! In two years, no action because since the Senate passed a resolution in 2015, the House needs to act…

According to the Washington Times, Gov. Hogan and Democratic lawmakers did come together on a few bills, including one that would tighten ethics rules for state politicians. The legislation increases the requirements for financial disclosures and widens the definition of conflict of interest. The state’s progressive caucus chalked up a few victories during the 437th legislative session. One law will reimburse Planned Parenthood clinics if they lose any federal funding, and another allows the Maryland attorney general to sue the president over immigration and health care issues. Both pieces of legislation, seen as direct challenges to the Trump administration, passed without the governor’s signature.

Also Delegate Alonzo Washington’s (D-22) HB 1498 passed