the Movement and the “Madman” (online film premiere)

Tue March 28 @ 9:00 pm –  10:30 pm  EDT

The Movement and the "Madman"

The  MOVEMENT and  the “ MADMAN”  will premiere on  Tuesday, March 28 at 9pm / 8pm (CT) on all PBS stations and will also stream on during and after  the premiere.

The  film tells  the little-known story of how, in  the fall of 1969, two of  the largest demonstrations in U.S. history at  the time caused President Nixon to abandon his secret, self-described “ madman” plans for a massive escalation of  the Vietnam War, including  the possible use of nuclear weapons. At  the time, protestors had no idea of their impact or  the countless lives saved.

The  MOVEMENT and  the “ MADMAN”  broadcast premiere provides a unique opportunity to set  the record straight about one of  the largest and most effective – though often ignored, disparaged or caricatured – social  movements in American history.

At its core, the  film  highlights  the power of protest,  offering hope and inspiration in a time of growing threats to our democracy, rising concerns about nuclear war, increasing economic inequalities and racial injustice, and an intensifying climate crisis.

MAPA hosted a preview screening of the film and interview with the producers in November 2022.   See  Part 1  and   Part 2  of that program.

Visit  the  film’s website  for more on  the  film.

Visit  the American Experience website  for a preview trailer and  film summary.

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