JUNETENTH Commemoration -Maryland United for Peace and Justice joins with other peace groups around the country to say  “No Peace without Justice,” and Black Lives Matter

Maryland United for Peace and Justice joins with other peace groups around the country to say  “No Peace without Justice,” and Black Lives Matter.


Following the tragic death of George Floyd,  and the resultant anguish and protest, we are standing together in solidarity during these painful moments with hope for peace, transformation and healing in the black and African American communities..

These are difficult times and as a network of organizations, MUPJ is committed to creating a more peaceful and just society, pulling off the most positive energy. The mass protest at home and abroad following George Floyd’s death, juxtaposed with a global pandemic that has caused so much loss of lives and grief calls for a moment of healing, a moment of easing the pains together.
The senseless killings spurred by the deeply ingrained racism has ignited so much anger and so we encourage all to speak out, to take the courage  to continue to advocate for peace especially on Junetenth like many others who bravely stood for justice before us, 150 years ago to  end of slavery in the United States, and many years on by all those who are working for justice in this time.MUPJ Black lives matter1

MUPJ will continue this dialogue of freedom, peace, justice and liberty for all including women, people of color, race,  background, with members, our network of organizations to embrace the possibility of the oneness of our humanity. To reckon the fact that as diverse as we are, we can respect our human dignity, to honor all humanity and value all lives, and help to dissolve that structural racism that has continuously stifled our promise of our democracy and created a huge divide.

By lifting up our voices and taking actions, from lobbying your representatives towards criminal justice reforms, to protest, and signing of petitions, each action leads to the quest for freedom of the oppressed populace and help to accelerate the pace of progress towards justice.

In commemorating Junetenth amidst this era of a juxtaposition of crises and pandemic, MUPJ encourages our network to be awake to the call to fight for freedom and peace and to reaffirm our shared commitment to pursue an equitable and just democracy and work together for human dignity, peace and justice (equal treatment of all).

By: Andrew B. Greene


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