World Refugee Day, June 20th, 2020

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Today, on World Refugee Day 2020, during a threat of Global Pandemic, and wars, MUPJ stands in solidarity with Refugees around the world. In moments of conflicts around the globe which results in a wave of refugee population, refugees need to be provided with health care and assistance.

According to the UNHCR, this year alone, ‘the number of forcibly displaced persons globally is higher than ever before at 79.5 million people – that is approximately 1 per cent of the entire global population. Durable and long-term solutions remain challenging, as pervasive conflicts continue, making it impossible for refugees to return home in safety and in dignity”.

The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded the emergency situation refugees face whilst fleeing for safety in the midst of a global pandemic. There is need for support and  response to this double crisis, knowing that nobody is safe until everyone is safe, including the most vulnerable in society. On World Refugee Day, we are proud to celebrate the resilience of refugees globally.


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