Action in support of the people’s strike in Ecuador

‘Pronunciamiento para firmar’.

Dear colleagues,

Some of you may have read about the National strike occurring right now in Ecuador in rejection of the economic measurements made by president Lenin Moreno after signing an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) last March. The strike is being brutally repressed by the police and the military after Moreno declared the State of Emergency. We have attached a document that explains a bit the situation because, unfortunately, we couldn’t find any trustworthy information in English other than this note in Democracy Now:


If you read Spanish please access this link to our webpage: 
I’m writing to ask for solidarity. There are three concrete aciones you can take:

1. Read and sign this Statement as an individual and/or organization (both are useful):

2. Send the Statement to the Ecuadorian embassy in your country by mail:

3. Share the statement widely.

We will try to hand the Statement to the presidency, vice-presidency, Ministry of the Interior and the National Assembly on Wednesday Oct. 9. Please sign the petition until Tuesday October 8th. 

Thanks a lot! 

In solidarity,
Ecuador’s Critical Geography Collective

public statement1.pngpublic-statement2.png

Download the document in PDF format. NationalStrikeEcuador[18281]

Download the Document in World format.  NationalStrikeEcuador[18281] (1)

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