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whistle1whistle5.pngDear E. Anthony,

An unnamed whistleblower has sparked new impeachment inquiries. Reports are that colleagues of Whistleblower X are now coming forward.

While some portray the mounting conflict as an epic showdown between agents of the “Deep State” versus a Court of Caligula-like Trump White House, the same dynamic is playing out across government in a myriad of settings – some high profile and others still cloaked.

PEER is now representing more than a score of whistleblowers who are raising alarms about political interference preventing the faithful execution of our laws.  These professionals, most all of whom have served under administrations of both parties, face crises of conscience, pitting their careers against their sense of civic duty.

In these matters, PEER’s mission is twofold: put the whistleblower disclosures into play, so that they are not swept under the rug. At the same time we are delivering the message, we aim to prevent officialdom from killing the messenger.

 The outcome of these struggles will help determine whether our government remains governed by law or merely politics.  Your support could not be timelier.


Tim Whitehouse
Executive Director

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whistle2Scientific Fraud Sinking Right Whales. The North Atlantic right whale is one of the planet’s most endangered species, with fewer than 400 left in existence. A primary cause of right whale injury and mortality is entanglements in fishing gear. Yet, the federal agency charged with saving right whales from extinction has been doing the opposite. The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration has made false representations and omitted mention of scientific research, much of it authored by NOAA’s own scientists, showing that more protections and measures to reduce these entanglements are desperately needed, according to a new PEER complaint. Our action forces NOAA to explain why it has been misrepresenting the best available science in its filings before federal court.


whistle3PFAS in Artificial Turf.  Artificial playing fields are not only stuffed with tons of shredded tires, they are coated in toxic plastics, according to PEER research. Most problematic are PFAS, the so-called “forever chemicals, which are carcinogenic and linked to a growing cluster of adverse health effects. Besides human exposure, PFAS will leech into nearby water sources and eventually enter the food chain, where their ill effects bioaccumulate. PEER is working to shrink the growing toxic footprint from artificial turf.


whistle4Denali Wolf Retreat.  If like thousands of tourists, you plan to view Denali National park’s iconic wolf packs in the wild, you may be out of luck.  The chances of seeing Denali wolves have dropped to just 1%, down from 45% in 2010. In that year, Alaska eliminated the no-hunt buffers outside the park, meaning that when Denali wolves venture outside of park boundaries they do not return. PEER Board Member Rick Steiner is leading the campaign to restore the no-hunt buffers and save Denali’s wolves. 

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