We’re fighting for the health of our country


Dear Tony,

For the past three weeks, thousands of you have joined us as we declare—from the steps of our state capitols and Congress—that the moral health of our country is in jeopardy.

But the physical health of our country is in jeopardy, too.

I’ve been providing disaster relief in Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria struck in 2017. As a Puerto Rican minister in New York City, I’m motivated by more than just my faith; this is personal to me. My family in Puerto Rico still lacks electricity after more than seven months. My aunt, who is diabetic, has been forced to ration her insulin and is unable to refrigerate her medication. Unlike our government, I’m doing everything in my powerto help.

Meanwhile, on the mainland, tens of millions of poor people lack proper health insurance—a number that is increasing under the current administration. An opioid epidemic has swept the nation. And dirty energy sources like fracking and offshore drilling are causing health risks, ecological devastation and climate change.

These are the issues I’m confronting as part of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival.

We’re building up to our Rally to Fight Poverty Not the Poor—a mass mobilization of people from around the country who are demanding a moral awakening in America. We’re gathering at the US Capitol in DC on June 23—will you join us?

At my church, I make sure to foster inclusivity so that everyone is welcome regardless of race, language or sexual orientation. That’s why I love this campaign. Because it tackles so many issues head on, it attracts activists from all walks of life. When we come together, as we will on June 23, the energy is palpable. There is a sense of community and a commitment to shared goals.

It truly feels like we are changing the moral narrative in America.

If you can’t make it to DC on June 23, you can still join in spirit by sharing the event info with your friends. Just click here or forward this email.

Thank you for helping make this rally a historic moment for the health of our democracy.


Rev. Dr. Damaris D. Whittaker
Fort Washington Collegiate Church in New York City

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