Join us in honoring Jean Stokan & Scott Wright


crispaz                                                                                                                                                                      June 4, 2019

Dear ,                   

We are thrilled to honor Jean Stokan and Scott Wright with this year’s CRISPAZ Peace Award, and we need your help to honor them!

Mark your calendar to join us for the annual CRISPAZ Peace Award event, November 12, 6-8 pm EST at the Catholic University of America in Washington DC to learn more about Jean and Scott’s inspiring solidarity work.

Not everyone cherishes the values of solidarity that Jean and Scott embody, but you do, so please help us honor them in one of the following ways:

SPONSOR: Choose a sponsorship level, help us honor Jean and Scott while contributing to CRISPAZ’s work, and let us celebrate your solidarity during the ceremony, in our program, on our website, and with all CRISPAZ supporters by email:

  • Oscar Romero Circle:                                     $4,000 (full page ad if desired)
  • Rutilio Grande. S.J. Circle:                             $2,500 (1/2 page ad if desired)
  • Celina and Elba Ramos Circle: $1,000 (1/4 page ad if desired)

ADVERTISE: Take out a full, half, or quarter-page color advertisement to celebrate an organization, church, group, or friend in the 8.5 x 11 event program, and on our website.

  • Full page:              $400
  • Half page:              $250
  • Quarter page:         $100

ATTEND: Join us in Washington DC for the award ceremony November 12, 6-8 pm EST in the Pryzbyla University Center at Catholic University of America for a pupusa dinner and cocktails. Call Stan DeVoogd at 502-592-5295 for arrangements.

GIVE: Help us honor Jean and Scott and continue the bridge-building solidarity work of CRISPAZ with a gift of any amount.

Please express your solidarity with the people of El Salvador, and your friends at CRISPAZ, with a gift today.

THE CRISPAZ PEACE AWARD is an annual recognition of a person or organization whose work embodies peace, justice, and the Christian preferential option for the poor embodied by the Salvadoran martyrs. Past recipients have included cherished Salvadoran institutions like the Centro Monserñor Romero, CoMadres, ProBusqueda, The Carmelite Sisters of the Hospitalito Divina Providencia and solidarity heroes like Fr. Dean Brackley, Fr. Tom Smolich S.J., Fr. Paul Schindler, Sr. Peggy O’Neill CAP, and Fr. Jon Sobrino.

Visit for more about this event or to find or forward sponsorship and advertising forms. To arrange sponsorships or advertisements contact me at or our development director Stan Devoogd at,  502-592-5295.

Thank you so much for your commitment to peace with justice, and reconciliation.


Sincerely and gratefully,                                   


Francisco Mena Ugarte                                                            Kelly Czajka

Executive Director CRISPAZ                                                     Board Chair CRISPAZ                                                                                                                            example peaceaward ad[17397]

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