Peace Action – upcoming actions to plan

Hi, everyone,
There are several actions national groups want us to plan for in the next few weeks.  Here are the days that we might plan something:

(1)  Defuse Nuclear War on Feb. 24– “Lead with diplomacy instead of escalation to end the war in Ukraine”    We can make visits to our senators and reps, like we did the last time we worked with Defuse Nuclear War, if people want to do that.  Defuse Nuclear War is willing to provide posters and banners for free, like last time (although I’m not sure yet what they say).  I think we should start to plan this asap, although if we do the same thing as last time, it shouldn’t be very hard to do, given that we now have experience.  Each chapter needs to plan its own actions.  Baltimore PA will meet on Feb. 21 to plan our action.  I know that sounds like there’s not enough time, but really, it’s going to be easy to do!

(2)  Yemen Day of Action, March 1:  This day of action is being called for by several organizations, including Peace Action.  Here is a link to the PA took kit:

And here is a link to MAPA’s plan:

I think that we in Baltimore will focus first on Feb. 24 and then after that, something for March 1.  Both of these issues are incredibly important, obviously.

Please let me know what you plan to do, as I’ll try to send out a state-wide e-letter very soon, describing these events and inviting people to join us.


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