Environmental Summit update

Hey everyone,

We now have a facebook event-https://fb.me/e/2tY3pitLG

Every member of CCE was invited to be a co-host of this event on Facebook. If you did not receive an invite, it is because I could not find your group on facebook. Please reach out to me individually if you have any questions. 

Here is the registration link for the event- https://tinyurl.com/nbdsukyj

Thank you to those who provided input on a potential keynote. The planning group is now considering Dr. Marccus Hendricks with UMD. Here is his impressive bio: https://arch.umd.edu/people/marccus-hendricks

Please speak now or forever hold your peace if you have any concerns with this new speaker choice. 

And thank you again to our planning group- as a reminder to them, we will not meet again until the new year! 

Elle Bassett

South, West, & Rhode RIVERKEEPER 

Arundel Rivers Federation

(c) 410-507-9942

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