Reel and Meal Dec. 19 film

The Dec. 19 Reel and Meal film explores gold mining damage to land and labor. The Shadow of Gold investigates how gold is extracted from the earth; mining companies dig deep and lop off mountaintops and some twenty million miners in the world’s poorest nations extract gold by hand using toxic mercury and often earn just enough to survive. Kurt Stand, a local activist for labor rights, will lead the discussion after the screening. 

The film will be screened in-house and via Zoom on Monday, December 19, at the Reel and Meal at the New Deal Café, 113 Centerway, Roosevelt Center in Greenbelt. 

The free program starts at 7 p.m.  Prior registration is required for virtual attendees, at Sign in any time after 6:45 pm.

Trailer: The Shadow of Gold Feature – Trailer – YouTube

At the Café dinners are available after 4:00 pm. They include some plant-based options. Carryout Co-op Supermarket Meatless Monday meals can be picked up for Zoom at-home viewing after 11:00 am from the Deli Hot Bar; Dodah’s Spinach Lasagna (vegan) is featured.

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