GMOM – Effective pressure on Pres. Biden

November 7, 2021

Pressure builds on President and Senate

For the People – Maryland is mobilizing energetically for an escalated civil disobedience action at the White House scheduled for the morning of Wednesday, November 17. I attended a similar event this past week on November 3. These actions – led by People for the American Way (PfAW) and League of Women Voters – have built from five persons arrested in October to 59 persons last Wednesday. They are breaking through into mainstream news. We know that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the actions at one of her press conferences when folks were demonstrating while she was taking questions from the press.

Full PfAW video of the 11/3 rally. Article from Washington Post and podcast from National Public Radio. In the photo below, activists block the White House side walk while security personnel look on.

We are one vote away from a Senate rules change that would allow enactment of groundbreaking bills that would ban dark money and partisan gerrymandering, protect voting rights and the neutrality of election administration, create national standards for voting rights in federal elections, restore pre-clearance in the Voting Rights Act, and admit Washington, DC, to the Union as the 51st state. 

Take Action

Please come to the White House on November 17. Five Marylanders and more than a hundred others will join me in risking arrest, but your presence is important whether you participate or observe.

Ride on bus from Lutherville

Ride on bus from Catonsville

Sign up to participate in civil disobedience

Click the image below to sign up for the November 17 demonstration as an observer.

Your message helps keep up the pressure on President Biden and the Senate. Our movement already pushed many senators – including West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and key Biden ally Tom Carper – and President Biden to support filibuster reform. But statements of support are not sufficient until the change is made and the bills are enacted.

Tell President Biden to make filibuster reform his highest priority. Go to to send him a written message. Here is a sample message:

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