Military Poisons

Military Poisons – Pat Elder
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Routine fire-training exercises like this are poisoning people world-wide.
I worked with CNBC News producers on this report: A new drinking water crisis hits US military bases across the nation. I’m featured at the very beginning and at 11:50 for a few minutes.
Please take the time to watch the video. If you fight militarism, it’s important to know the Pentagon is poisoning
people around the world who live on or near military bases.
The military uses carcinogenic foam sprays containing Per and Poly Fluoroalkyl Substance (PFAS) in its routine fire-fighting exercises. The stuff is the active ingredient in Teflon and puts out petroleum-based fires better than anything known. The poisons are allowed to seep into surface water, ground water, and municipal sanitary sewer systems. The sewer sludge spread on farm fields contains cancer-causing agents that poison crops. The “forever chemical” never breaks down and causes havoc on human beings.
This report is a breakthrough for mainstream media. There are several things here that have never reached a mass audience:
  • The Navy admitting high levels of releases but refusing to test private wells;
  • MD Health Dept saying they trust the military, so there’s no need to test private wells.
  • The Navy saying it is not concerned with such small releases in MD when similar levels are sickening people around the world and have made headline news; (Just Google PFAS military);
  • Cancer and other illnesses being linked to the military’s release of PFAS into community water systems;
  • The military’s refusal thus far to clean up any of it;
  • The military’s refusal to stop using PFAS;
  • The existence of contamination world-wide;
  • The Trump administration’s claim of sovereign immunity for the military, meaning states and municipalities are not allowed to sue the federal government to replace poisoned water systems.
Here, I’m telling people in Kaiserslautern, Germany
their water is poisoned by the American Ramstein Airbase.
Please read this article on the World BEYOND War website:
It documents how American bases are poisoning German drinking water, groundwater, and rivers. It’s one more reason to shut down these military installations around the world..
Thank you. I’ll leave you alone. – Pat

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