Next training is an intro. to Nonviolent Communication

Saturday July 27th, 1-5pm
Location: George Washington University, Rome Hall 206,  801 22nd St NW, Washington, DC 20052 (Near Foggy Bottom Metro)


This training is an introduction to the theory and practice of nonviolent communication, with particular emphasis on key skills.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC), or Compassionate Communication, is a powerful tool for transforming and mediating interpersonal, intra-personal, organizational, and inter-group conflicts. It is used worldwide by activists, teachers, conflict specialists, doctors, diplomats, social workers, managers and others to improve their work and home life. The practice of NVC can help us understand ourselves more fully, provide us with a sense of power and choice in our lives, and open our hearts to compassionately connect and collaborate with others.

This is a beginner’s workshop designed for those that may have no to little prior studies of any special nonviolent communication. This workshop will expose participants to the basic strategies and skills of nonviolent communication that are used in the types of conflicts that might arise in your personal life as well as in other settings. You may want to try out new skills with family members, co-workers, and neighbors. *Please consider bringing a conflict you might like to work on.

The training workshop is designed for anyone. Snacks will be provided.


Ryan McAllister has facilitated over 300 workshops, support group meetings, and dialogues based on nonviolent communication, peer-counseling, mindfulness, and oppression and liberation theory.

Sarah Dammeyer weaves NVC and restorative practices into everything she does, including parenting, doula support, and teaching. An English teacher since 2003, she enjoys sharing her vision of a world that works for all, by offering workshops for teachers and administrators, listening for the Yes Behind the No in interactions with students, and revising policy and pedagogy to shift traditional dynamics of power. She earned an M.A. in Rhetoric + Composition and B.A.s in English and Secondary English Education from the University of Maryland, and currently teaches there in the Professional Writing Program. She trained in the peacekeeping circle tradition with Kay Pranis and keeps circles for youth and families through Keybridge Foundation, RestorativeDC, and anyone who asks.

With Hope,


Eli S. McCarthy PhD

Justice and Peace Studies

Georgetown University

510-717-8867 (c)

301-588-4030 (o)


Book: Becoming Nonviolent Peacemakers: A Virtue Ethic for Catholic Social Teaching and U.S. Policy

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