MPower Change (Muslim Grassroot Movement) – will you be there? This Monday, March 5th is the Trump-imposed deadline for ending DACA. Join us in DC and call on Congress to quit playing political games and pass a clean Dream Act.


will you be there?

MPower Change
As salaamu alaykum, Tony—
We live in a time when our government’s actions—and inaction—are terrorizing immigrant communities and tearing families apart.
As Muslims with values informed by our faith, it’s time to say “Enough.”
We’re gathering in DC to stand for a clean Dream Act—to protect the immigrant youth at risk for detention and deportation by the Trump administration.
After killing the DACA program, Trump and his White Nationalist administration have shamefully tried to use Dreamers as a bargaining chip to pass their extreme nativist agenda. It won’t work.
Here’s Trump’s pathetic gambit: he says he’ll sign a version of the Dream Act—except first, we have to give him money for his hate-fueled, useless wall, and destroy our family-based immigration system.
Trump already made his goal clear—he wants the U.S. to prioritize immigrants from white countries like Norway, while excluding Black and brown folks from coming here.
800,000 immigrant youth will be directly impacted by what happens with the Dream Act (and that’s even not counting the incalculable loss to families, friends, and communities). But whether or not we know any undocumented youth, this has immense consequences for all of us, as Muslims and as people of good conscience.
It has immense consequences as a sheer question of politics. If Trump gets away with targeting Dreamers—immigrants that the overwhelming majority of voters want to protect—without us standing up, it gives him a green light to continue to scapegoat Muslims and other communities.
And the flipside is true as well: if we show the administration that an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us, we strengthen our ability to fight for our rights.
Most importantly, we have a deep-seated spiritual obligation to stand with migrants—whether we came here as children or adults, with our papers in place or undocumented:
When the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his companions fled from persecution, they were lovingly welcomed into the homes of the helpers in Madinah. God describes their attitude of those who provided sanctuary by saying, “They love those who migrate to them…and give preference to them over themselves, even though they are also in need” (Quran 59:9).
If we’re going to win this, we have to stand as one. Documented and undocumented. Young and old. Muslim and non-Muslim. We’re going to have to speak our truth to those in power in Washington, DC.
In solidarity,
Mohammad, Linda, Ishraq, and the MPower Change team


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