Monday, November 20, Reel and Meal at the New Deal Café

113 Centerway, Roosevelt Center, Greenbelt
Optional vegan buffet served 6:30 pm, free film show & discussion 7:00 pm

Utopia Film Festival brings to Reel & Meal three documentaries- about some immigrants, refugees, and Kenyan children:Human-Flow_Kenya_700-resize

Remember Everything: to not Forget Anyone — a poignant three-minute short from Italy about immigrants who drown trying to reach safety in Europe, told by a person who remembers all of their names.

An American House — one that welcomes illegal immigrants from Central America to the US and gives them shelter and safety, 22 minutes.


We are the Nation — set in a slum in Kenya, it portrays orphaned and traumatized children coming together through music and a remarkable benefactor as a way to build positive lives, 52 minutes- see more on its Facebook page.

These timely films show what conditions people emigrate from, the risks they take to find a safe life, and the welcome some receive.  Their stories are a bit like our family stories, those of the children of immigrants who left danger or hardship for a better life. Thanksgiving week, they may remind us we are all pilgrims.  Discussion will follow.

The New Deal Café is accessible from Greenbelt Metro station by buses G 12 and 14.
For directions, see the New Deal Café  website.
Reel & Meal at the New Deal series promotes public awareness of peace, justice, environmental and animal rights issues.  Its sponsors: Beaverdam Creek Watershed Watch Group, Green Vegan Networking and Prince George’s Peace & Justice Coalition.
For more about this month’s program, contact Frank Gervasi at


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