July 26th, 2017 – Maryland Progressive Caucus Planning Meeting, Annapolis

Participants engaged in group discussions as they plan for the establishment of the caucus. They discussed about the structure and organization of the caucus, including setting up of committees, how to handle endorsements in an omni-partisan group.

Participants brainstormed issues with communication and event/action planning between groups, as well as some discussion about priorities and  plans. There was also a Skype call for an interested individual who was unable to attend in person. Several group leaders and representatives from across Maryland were present including three representatives from MUPJ Coordinating body.  13 out the goals presented in groups in our exercise were:  1. Single Payer Health Care, which includes Women’s Conception and Abortion Rights 2. People over Profit/Power 3. Getting Money Out (avoiding “dark” money, disclosure, etc.) 4. Improving Race Relations through Education 5. Bridge all organizations of like causes into one (statewide) 6. Provide a list of experts on the Issues 7. Media Exposure 8. Elections (free and fair) 9. Legislation 10. Involve Students and Campuses 11. Education (free tuition, etc.) 12. Small Businesses  13. Climate and Criminal Justice Reform (includes bail).  The most important issue of our time was brought out as 7 African-Americans raised their voices, one saying that one the issues race relations has been place at the bottom and there is a history of ignoring that subconsciously people are not aware that a problem exists and we must address it. Larry Stafford, Progressive Maryland spoke on Inclusivity and Race, mentioning Bacon’s Rebellion (1676) and how Caucasians were indentured servants and Indians also were enslaves (something our history books failed to mention). Larry’s definition of Progression is changing the dynamics of power.

In coordination, the MPC will focus on: actions, legislation and election politics (interest only). See related information

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