In three days we will march for truth. Will you join us?

In three days we will march for truth. Will you join us?

We’re Indivisible, and we’re ready

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We are just three days away from the March for Truth. On Saturday, June 3rd, people will be marching in nearly 140 cities around the world, including Washington, DC. We are marching for transparency, for accountability, for truth.

The relationship between Donald Trump’s campaign and the Kremlin tears at the very fabric of our electoral democracy. By marching for truth, we demand:

  • An independent commission in addition to the ongoing investigations by Congress and the special counsel;
  • Immediate release of Trump’s tax returns to show any foreign ties or business interests;
  • Public access to as much information as possible as soon as possible;
  • And prosecution of any crimes or collusion discovered.

Click here to join the march in Washington, DC this Saturday and #MarchForTruth.

In solidarity,

Indivisible Project


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