Greenbelt Peace Month


GREENBELT PEACE MONTH -June 2017(updated 5/26/2017)

 Reposted By: Ed Fallon MUPJ

Peace Month is proclaimed by the City of Greenbelt- updates will be posted at Peace Month calendar is coordinated by Prince George’s County Peace & Justice Coalition in cooperation with the City of Greenbelt. All events are free and open to all.

June 1-30 Message to Tomorrow

Greenbelt Community Center, 15 Crescent Road, Lobby

The City celebrates its anniversary by inviting Greenbelters to write themselves a letter, outlining their hopes for the future and the actions they commit to taking to improve their community and the world.

June 3 & 4   Greenbelt Day Weekend Happy 80th Anniversary, Greenbelt!   Events/exhibits calendar at 

June 3 Greenbelt Concert Band Saturday, 3 pm, Greenbelt Community Center gym

A musical tribute to peace will be featured in this anniversary celebration. Joan Rackey conducts the band.Contact Band General ManagerElihu Zimet,

June 4   Naturalization Ceremony Sunday, 12 noon, Greenbelt Community Center gym

U.S. Citizen & Immigration Service administers oath of allegiance to new citizens.

June 4 Growing Trust, Understanding and Love in Families and Communities

Sunday, 2-4 pm, Greenbelt Community Center room 114

Adults and children over 7 years of age are invited to participate in a workshop with a fun and engaging process called the Peacemaking Circle, to help people have happier and more peaceful relationships and more easily to resolve disagreements in ways that work for all.

June 11   Building Trust and Safety in Schools

Sunday, 2-4 pm, Greenbelt Community Center room 114

For high school students and adults, a workshop is offered on Restorative Justice,an alternative approach to resolving conflicts in schools and society. It differs from traditional discipline by addressing root causes of conflicts, peacefully engaging the community, and giving voice to all parties in the conflict. Workshop presents history of Restorative Justice in the US and its growth in the MD/DC/VA area.Both workshops by Prince George’s County Peace & Justice Coalition- contact Jane McMahon, 202-684-5974.

June 16 Open Readings and an Essay on Peace

Friday, 7:30 pm, Greenbelt Community Center

Read poems and quotes about peace from favorite books. Participate in an essay on “If you were U. S. President, what would your plan be to bring about world peace.” Greenbelt Writers Group- contact Barbara Ford,

 June 19 “Reel & Meal at the New Deal”

Monday, 7pm, New Deal Café, 113 Centerway

View I Learn America, a film that follows five immigrant teenagers at an international school in Brooklyn as they strive to master English and learn about America, their new home. Three of them are undocumented, one is a refugee and one is a devout Muslim. Discussion will explore ways we can welcome immigrants in our local communities. Co-sponsor Prince George’s County Peace & Justice Coalition- contact Donna Hoffmeister, 301-441-9377,

June 24   Rain Garden Workshop and Walking Tour

Saturday, 10 am-12 noon, Greenbelt Public Works, 555 Crescent Road

Learn how to design and install rain gardens and then get a rebate through the Rain Check Program. Take a tour of local rain gardens. Greenbelt Public Works in partnership with Prince George’s County Department of the Environment-

contact and RSVP to Connor Roessler,, 240-542-2150.

June 25 Collection of Greenbelters’ Artifacts and Stories about Promoting Peace

Sunday, 1-5 pm, Greenbelt Museum’s Historic House, 10B Crescent Road Greenbelters, how have you promoted peace over the years: anti-war demonstrations, protests, or other events? The Greenbelt Museum is interested in your peace-related artifacts, photographs, and newspaper clippings. It would also like to record your peace-promoting stories and memories to share them using the StoryCorps App. Drop by the historic house for this special collecting initiative. Greenbelt Museum- contact Ennis Barbery Smith, or 240-542-2064.

June 25   Bikes for the World Collection

Sunday, 10 am-2 pm, parking lot behind City office building at 25 Crescent Road

Recycle your repairable bikes, their parts, and accessories for use overseas. See Greenbelt Baha’i Community- contact Jim Fischer




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