The Women’s Club May 2022 Message. – “Let us stand up with courage to say, “Never again…To mean it…To act it”.

The Women’s Club

Together We Can Create a Safe

& Loving Community that is Compassionate,

Caring, Kind, and Defines Love In Action.


Looking back into our families’ history, many of us can sense the suffering of our ancestors. We can’t change what happened in the past. We can hope that we become part of bringing positive outcomes to those horrors.

Let us stand up with courage to say,

“Never again…To mean it…To act it”.


Sean Reynolds of The Brooklyn Banana Bread Co. bakes and sells banana breads using his mother’s recipe. He donates the bread to frontline workers and first responders throughout the NY TriState Area. If baking is your thing, perhaps you can bring this idea to your community. We thank you Sean.

We would also like to share some of our work for peace during the past ten years. We funded and operated a summer school program at GNS for ESOL students. We  established a PEACE GARDEN at Pinkey’s Park, created a May Peace Calendar in the town newsletter that offered programs, discussions, and actions for peace. We sponsored The Cheverly Children’s Peace Camp operated by Little Friends for Peace at the American Legion and CUMC for about 10 years.

Ann Barsi ( continues to collect donations for 3.5” felt eggs in the bright blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag. She has a direct connection to Anastasia, an artist in Kharkiv. (more detailed info in the May Cheverly newsletter which can be accessed at

We invite you to join us.

Pass Love in Action Along.

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