Reel and Meal Monday July 19, 2021: Racially Charged: America’s Misdemeanor Problem

Reel and Meal


“Racially Charged: America’s Misdemeanor Problem” 

Monday, July 19, 2021

Registration is required:

Vegan meal option: Phone in your pre-order to the deli at 301.474.0522 by 1:00pm on Monday 7/19/2021 for pick-up between 4:00pm and 7:00pm at the deli.

On Monday, July 19, Reel and Meal will feature Racially Charged: America’s Misdemeanor Problem by Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films. The film begins at 7pm; entry to the Zoom event starts at 6:45pm. The program is free but registration is required – please use this link to register:

George Floyd was killed for the misdemeanor crime of using a counterfeit $20 bill. Eric Gardner died for selling a single cigarette without a tax stamp. Greenwald’s film shows how such low level offenses are disproportionately enforced against African-Americans and whose arrests turn violent or deadly. Freddie Gray was charged with carrying a knife. Philando Castile was charged with an expired tag. Both men were shot and killed. These victims were 4 among thousands. This violence was born out of the historic brutality and racial terrorism of post-reconstruction America. 

“Racially Charged” exposes the system that punishes over 13 million people a year- most of them poor and people of color. Further, it depicts how Southern states repurposed their misdemeanor system to control black people after the Civil War. Misdemeanors became a backdoor form of slavery.  

The link to watch the film trailer is- 

This month’s film is hosted by the Utopia Film Festival. For more information call Frank Gervasi at 301 467-2418.  Reel and Meal, a monthly film series focused on environmental, social justice and animal rights issues, is organized by Beaverdam Creek Watershed Watch Group, Utopia Film Festival & the Prince George’s County Peace & Justice Coalition. On the third Monday of every month, we present a film and discussion and encourage participants to enjoy a vegan meal (and consider moving toward a plant-based, locally-sourced lifestyle) in support of our environmental, social justice and animal rights mission.  

The Co-op Grocery (Roosevelt Center) will again offer a vegan meal to Reel and Meal participants for $7.99. The menu this month is Cashew Carbonara, vegan Italian sausage and a side salad.  Phone in your pre-order by 1:00 pm on Monday 7/19 for pick-up between 4-7 p.m.  at the deli. Call (301) 474-0522 and ask for the deli. Some may be available on a walk-in basis if not pre-ordered.

For more information contact or visit the New Deal Café’s e-calendar at Please share the event on FB with friends: And


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