You are invited to the July meeting of the Greenbelt Climate Action Network (GCAN).  It will take place via Zoom on Wednesday, July 14, 7-9 pm.    The Zoom link is available at www.chears.org/gcanThis month, we will cover two topics: Plastic and the Prince George’s County Climate Action Plan

Environmental pollution arising from plastic waste is a major global concern.  The profusion of plastic world-wide is one of the greatest water and climate issues of our time. Microplastics from plastic pollution have been found in the most remote regions of the globe, and inside human bodies.  Marine species ingest or are entangled by plastic debris   The Pacific and Atlantic Trash Vortices consist primarily of plastics that accumulate at the center of ocean gyres.  Plastics originate as fossil fuels and because of this, the extraction, transportation, production and disposal of plastics has a great impact on our climate. Alexis Goldsmith of Beyond Plastics will speak on the cradle-to-grave impacts of plastic and the legislative solutions, including the federal Break Free From Plastic
Pollution Act.

During the latter part of the meeting we will examine the preliminary draft of the Prince Georges County Climate Action Plan.  At their June 24 Public Information Session, the County Commission on Climate Action released their 27 Priority Recommendations
.  https://pgccouncil.us/810/Climate-Action-Commission  (also available at www.chears.org/gcan).  You are encouraged to review these recommendations, prior to our meeting.   What do you think of them?  How could they be improved?   Let’s get ready for the third Public Information Session in August and be ready to submit our comments (through a comment form also available on the GCAN website).  

As always, we will close out our meeting with an overview of upcoming events.  This calendar will be updated prior to the meeting.


For more info, or to suggest events that should be added to the calendar, contact Lore Rosenthal
SimplicityGroupsMD@gmail.com, 301-345-2234 (landline, no text)

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