LFFP is Building Community through Virtual Programs


LFFP is Building Community through Virtual Programs

We want to wish all the Seniors in High School and College all the best in their next chapter as they come together to celebrate their graduations and accomplishments. As Obama mentioned this weekend, we hope you will build a community and remember to be alive to one another’s struggles.

From the teachings of Pema Chodron, we have learned and believe when things fall apart we have choices to either fall apart or embrace the experiences as an opportunity to reset, renew, and rewire ourselves. 


LFFP has been doing that for the last 8 weeks as we offer our virtual peace circles for all ages.
The circles have been a wonderful opportunity to connect with others and learn tools and practices. 

As we begin our 9th week of virtual programming, we will be focusing on Compassion.
We will introduce our I-Care language and Bucket Filling Tool Cards. 


“We can’t heal the world today. 
But we can begin with a voice of compassion, a heart of love, an act of kindness.” -Mary Davis

Sign up for a Peace Circle! 
We have circles for people of all ages! Check out our schedule below.


“If you want others to be happy, Practice compassion. If you want to be happy, Practice compassion.”- Dalai Lama

Monday at 11 AM – Peace Circle for Seniors
Monday at 3 PM- Peace Circle for Adults
Tuesday at 10 AM- Peace Circle for The Father McKenna Center
Tuesday at 11 AM- Peace Circle for NGO’s around the world 
Tuesday at 2 PM- Baroody Camps Peace Circle (5/19- 6/11)
Tuesday at 3 PM- Peace Circle for Young Adults/ Adults/ MooseFit
Wednesday at 1 PM- Peace Circle for Elementary/Middle School Students
Wednesday at 2 PM- Peace Circle for Chance Academy
Wednesday at 3 PM- Peace Circle for College/ Grad Students
Wednesday at 7:30 PM- Peace Circle for Adults
Thursday at 11 AM- Peace Circle for The Father McKenna Center
Thursday at 2 PM- Baroody Camps Peace Circle (5/19- 6/11) 
Thursday at 3 PM- Peace Circle for Young Adults/ Adults
Friday at 1 PM- Peace Circle for Perry School Students 

Sign up today! After completing our google form, you will receive an email on how to join our virtual peace circle. Circles are held on Zoom. 

If you have attended a circle and have signed up previously, you do not need to sign up each week. We will keep you on the list and you will receive the Zoom link the day of via email. 

This month we are celebrating 31 days of Peace!
Daily peace practices can help increase positivity and a sense of calm in your daily life. 



lffp6After much discernment we have come to the decision that we will be doing our LFFP Peace Camps virtually this summer. Creativity and positive spirit is helping us put together some fun activities, special guests, and peace packets for home. 

We will be emailing Peace Camp families this week with more information regarding registration fees and sign ups. 

LFFP will be offering Peace Camp/Classes online 

LFFP will continue to offer virtual peace circles for all ages on zoom

LFFP will be offering Peace Academy online in June

LFFP will be offering support for individuals and families in social & emotional wellness 

The LFFP Peace Shop 


Give the gift of peace during this challenging time! Check out our online store.
We have worked hard to create Peace Tool cards where you can easily learn how to implement LFFP’s tools and practices.
They are a great way to remind yourself how to order your steps in a peaceful way. 


We Appreciate Your Support

At LFFP, we want to continue demonstrating online creative ways to care for ourselves and our companions during these difficult times. To sustain our efforts, please share your financial support. We are here for you. 
Your continued support is why we are able to grow and inspire those around us.

Donate Today!

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LFFP is honored to be accepted into the Catalogue for Philanthropy 2018-19 Class. 

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