Public Transportation: During Pandemic and Beyond

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Join us
on Saturday April 4, 2020
for a Virtual Townhall on Public Transportation.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Baltimore city transit riders have experienced cancelled or reduced service making it
very difficult for essential employees to get between home and work. In getting people to their destinations transit operators, who are also essential employees, are on the front line and must be protected to ensure their safety and health.

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! This Virtual Town Hall will provide a forum for you, transit riders and operators, in an effort to improve mass public transportation now and into the future. The voices of transit riders and workers MUST be heard and all MUST be protected!
This townhall is part of a series of conversations. We will hold another townhall the following week to continue to discuss action items to improve health, safety, and mobility.
Join by video:

Join by phone:


Meeting PIN: 529 058 456

Teresa E. Leslie, Ph.D

Phone and WhatsApp 301-532-5313
SKYPE tleslie612

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