Tell your legislators that climate change must be considered when new power plants are approved!

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Take Action!

We are in a climate emergency. Maryland’s future decisions regarding how the state generates electricity must consider our fragile climate. Will we rely on clean energy or fossil fuels?

The Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) is the state entity responsible for reviewing proposals for new power plants, yet it currently does not take the state’s legislatively-enacted climate goals into account in its decisions.

Write your representatives in Annapolis to urge support for legislation to require the PSC to apply a climate “test” for new power plants!  (House Bill 531/ Senate Bill 656)

Maryland has taken important steps to advance clean energy, including approving offshore wind farms and increasing support for solar energy. At the same time, however, Maryland’s coal and gas plants continue to be major emitters of greenhouse gases. Governor Hogan proposes to expand the use of fracked gas in Maryland, and his climate plan would continue the operations of the state’s six coal plants.

The General Assembly has established targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and it makes no sense for the PSC to be on the sidelines in this fight. Reforming the PSC’s decision making is long overdue.

Tell your representatives in Annapolis to pass legislation to require a PSC climate test!

Remember to register to attend the Maryland Sierra Club’s annual Lobby Night, Monday, February 24 in Annapolis.  We are expecting over 300 activists to gather to speak to their senators and delegates to urge passage of the Sierra Club’s priority bills this session, including the PSC/climate bill.

Thank you,

Ruth Alice White
Cindy Peil
Annie Bristow
Beyond Fracked Gas Issue Team
Sierra Club Maryland Chapter

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