Partner with Us to Reverse Citizens United Observe the 10th Anniversary on January 20, 2020

Board of Directors

Charlie Cooper, President                    Renaud Brown                            Wylie Sawyer

Susan Ogden, Vice Pres.                       Doug Miller                                  Angad Singh

Diamonte Brown                                    Hank Prensky                              Ashley Renee Sparks       

                                                                  Sheila Ruth                                  Martin Wulfe


Partner with Us to Reverse Citizens United

Observe the 10th  Anniversary on January 20, 2020

Americans overwhelmingly believe big money corrupts our democracy:

  • A 2017 Washington Post/University of Maryland poll found 96 percent of respondents blamed big money for our dysfunctional political system.
  • More recently, a Center for Public Integrity poll revealed that 75 percent of those surveyed – 66% of Republicans and 85% of Democrats – support a Constitutional amendment to overrule Citizens United v. FEC (Federal Election Commission)

Get Money Out – Maryland is part of a national movement to get that Amendment proposed and ratified. To propose via Congress, we need 290 US representatives and 67 senators. Currently, the most optimistic count is 171 representatives and 21 senators – almost totally divided along major-party lines. Another way to propose an amendment

is for two-thirds of the states (34 states) to apply to Congress via resolution for an amendment-proposing convention. So far, five states have made that request. Despite the polling favorability and millions of U. S. citizens having signed petitions or more actively shown support for an amendment, the Democracy Movement is a long way from achieving its goal of the 28th  Amendment.

Get Money Out – Maryland is an all-volunteer organization working for the

Amendment by both methods described above.

Please co-sponsor a rally with us on January 20, 2020 – the eve of the 10th anniversary of Citizens United. Get Money Out will be hosting a major observance in Annapolis to give our movement in Maryland a big boost. At this rally, speakers will describe the negative impact of Citizens United and other related decisions on our politics – the tidal wave of dark money, SuperPACs, negative ads, and hyper-amplified lies – that has led to more economic inequality and less social solidarity. Partners will agree to invite their members and supporters and to promote their own proposed strategies. Partners will agree not to criticize another partner’s strategy.


We recognize that an overwhelming majority of Americans, regardless of party affiliation believe that big money has too great an influence on our political process.

We believe that representative democracy in America is in jeopardy due to:

  • Excessive corporate power;
  • Money corruption by special interests and billionaires; and
  • Numerous attempts to undermine the right of every citizen to vote.

We join with Get Money Out – Maryland to amend the U.S. Constitution to affirm that:

  1. Congress and the states may regulate the raising and spending of money to influence elections.
  1. Constitutional political rights shall be reserved for humans (natural persons)

and not artificial entities.

  1. Every citizen has the right to vote.

We wish to co-sponsor the 10th  Anniversary Observance of Citizens United on January 20, 2020.  We will promote attendance at the event to our members and supporters. We will provide access to provide educational materials about threats to our democracy. We will be able to promote our own preferred strategy at the rally an in the lobbying of State legislators. We agree not to criticize another partner’s strategy. 

Also please see attachments of the GMOM 10th CoSponsor solicitation and Organizations
GMOM_10thCoSponsor_solicitation_1019[18647] PDF

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