Tell MD To Reach A Strong Regional Agreement To Cut Transportation Pollution!

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Dear Friends,

Do you want Maryland to invest in building a climate-friendly future and a 21st century transportation system? Would you like to access more of the places you travel everyday by walking, biking, taking public transit or driving electric?

I’m concerned because the pollution from the tailpipes of the cars we drive are a major contributor of the climate crisis & childhood asthma.

Fortunately, Maryland is joining with other states across the region to develop a program that would limit fossil fuels burned for transportation and generate new investments to fund a modern, sustainable transportation system. But this program needs to be done right.

Tell Governor Hogan we need a program that limits transportation pollution with aggressive science based targets & generates the substantial investments we need to solve our transportation challenges.

Maryland is going to reach a draft agreement soon and we need our voices to drown out the oil lobbyists with a resounding call for strong, equitable and just program that incorporates input from communities and tackles the climate crisis.

Yours in the fight,

Lindsey Mendelson
Transportation Representative
Maryland Sierra Club

Sierra Club Maryland Chapter

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