Reel and Meal at the New Deal

On Monday, May 20, the “Reel & Meal at the New Deal” features Blood on the Mountain, an historical account of the coal industry’s grip on workers and entire mining communities of West Virginia. The free screening starts 7 pm, after an optional vegan meal at $14 served from 6:30 at the New Deal Café, 113 Centerway, Roosevelt Center, Greenbelt. The program is jointly sponsored with DC LaborFest. This 2016 documentary recounts economic struggles of unions and reveals the toxic effects of coal on miners’ lungs as well as on local mountains and waterways. It tells the story of a hard-working people taken advantage of by outside corporations with the support of politicians. 

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More broadly, Blood on the Mountain probes the rippling effect of environmental and economic injustice felt by many other American workers and regions.  Events since its release seem only to have made the prospect more bleak for peoples and lands worldwide. It was written and directed by Mari-Lynn C. Evans and Jordan Freeman.Production partners were AFL-CIO, ACLU, Sierra Club, EarthJustice and a host of other advocacy organizations.  After the screening, discussion and commentary will focus on how we as citizens can take action for workers’ rights and environmental justice.  Maryland Sierra Club Beyond Coal activist Matt Dernoga and a representatives of EarthJustice will co-lead that part of the program. 

This event is planned by Prince George’s County Peace & Justice Coalition along with the LaborFest sponsor, Metro Washington AFL-CIO Council. Other sponsors of the “Reel & Meal” monthly series are Beaverdam Creek Watershed Watch Group, Green Vegan Networking, and Utopia Film Festival.  For more information about this program contact  See also the websites for the venue New Deal Cafe and the film, bloodonthemountain.comThe Café is accessible from Greenbelt Metrorail station by buses G12 and G14.

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