Suppressed and Sabotaged: The Fight to Vote

Monday, September 19, 2022, 7 PM

Reel and Meal Presents 

Suppressed and Sabotaged: The Fight to Vote

Monday, September 19, 2022, 7 PM

 Arrive/Log on by 6:45 p.m., as the program starts promptly at 7p.m

In Person: Please come to the New Deal Café at 113 Centerway (Roosevelt Center) in Greenbelt, MD; Come enjoy the new wide-screen film projection system. Masks are encouraged. Please check the Cafe’s Facebook page for updates on current in person guidelines. The café will open at 6:30pm for those purchasing meals there. 

Virtual (on Zoom): Registration is required:

Vegan Meal: We encourage a vegan meal to support our mission focused on environmental, social justice and animal rights issues.

 For online attendees a vegan meal option for $7.99 at COOP – Order Information: 
Call 301 474 0522 by 1:00PM on 8.15.22 Pick up is 4-7 PM at the deli.
For in person attendees: The New Deal Café serves a variety of meals including a vegan option. 

Please note:  The COOP vegan meal is for those who plan to watch R&M virtually; those attending in person are invited to buy a vegan meal at the New Deal Cafe.  (Management asks that outside food not be brought into NDC).


About the film:  

Suppressed and Sabotaged: The Fight To Vote (2022) focuses on the new voter laws that make it difficult for minorities and rural populations to vote in the 2022 midterm elections.  Twelve states have introduced 96 bills to restrict voting and 13 states have introduced 41 bills to undercut election administration. The film uses the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race between Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp as a deplorable example of today’s voter suppression laws. It also includes perspectives from voters in Arizona, Florida, and Texas about how these unconstitutional and racist measures impact their right to vote. These new voter suppression laws disproportionately impact students, senior citizens, Black, Indigenous, Latine and people of color. They include registration hurdles; polling place closures; voter purges; missing absentee ballots; extreme wait times at polling locations; exact match I.D. disqualifications; new vote by mail limitations; changes to ballot collection and ballot drop boxes. They especially impact crucial battleground states, where narrow vote margins determine everything. 

Nicole Williams, State Delegate for District 22, will lead the discussion following the film. Delegate Williams has been a member of the Maryland Bar since 2002 and currently serves on the Judiciary Committee in Annapolis. She will help us focus on ways to save our fragile democracy and begin to heal the deep divisions in our country.

The Reel and Meal at the New Deal is a monthly film series focused on environmental, social justice and animal rights issues, presented by Utopia Film Festival, the Prince George’s County Peace and Justice Coalition and Beaverdam Creek Watershed Watch Group.  This month’s film is sponsored by Peace and Justice.  For more information on the series see the Reel and Meal Facebook page –  For more on this month’s event contact Lucy Duff at

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