MD PPC Update

Sep 11, 2022, Tony Rev. Dr. Barber recently spotlighted the suffering of residents of Jackson, Mississippi, who are almost completely without running water. Local organizations, including the Mississippi Poor People’s Campaign, are working to get more emergency assistance. Access to safe and clean drinking and tap water, at all times in all places, is a fundamental human right—one that should never be denied in the wealthiest country in the world.  Structural injustices over many years created the situation in Jackson, but here in Maryland, residents struggle to balance the cost of utilities with that of skyrocketing rent. 26% of Maryland renters spend more than half their income on housing and utilities. The minimum wage needed to reasonably afford a 1-bedroom rental in the Baltimore area is $32.70 and, in the Washington DC metro area, $38.80, which is more than $20/hour over Maryland’s state minimum wage.  Because of the high demand for affordable rentals, landlords have no incentive to retain renters and routinely post eviction notices, even when timely repairs haven’t been made or basic utilities have been unavailable. As part of our Resolution to End Poverty in Maryland, we demand more affordable housing options and an end to utility shut offs, making safe, livable housing and clean water and sewage available to all. Join Us

Sep 17-18 – Voter Registration Events– Please plan to join us as we go out across the We will be registering and mobilizing voters this weekend September 17–18. Join us to speak with voters about justice issues, distribute and explain voting information, and assist with registering people to vote.state again to speak with voters about justice issues, distribute and explain voting information, and assist with registering people to vote…Volunteer to GOTV (Get Out the Vote) See Details and Sign Up Here!  Take Action
 We are asking individuals, organizations and groups, and elected officials/candidates to add their names to our call for the Maryland General Assembly to establish a joint Senate-House Commission to End Poverty in Maryland that includes poor and/or low-income people as representatives.  Take Action:As an individualAs a group or organizationAs an elected official or candidate Ongoing – CASA – Let’s stand with CASA in support of demanding changes around rental issues:SIGN the petition to the ownersDONATE to the rent strike fundREAD the Washington Post article Ongoing – For The People-Maryland –  The American Constitution guarantees all of its citizens the opportunity to  participate in our democracy but our current system allows wealthy special interests and big-money donors to conceal their spending on elections, and judicial confirmation hearings. Thus these interests and donors are able to overhaul our government and silence the voice of the American people.  Join us in this effort to have fair elections? FTP-MD Get Money Out Of MDCall our senators to support the Disclosure ActEmail our senators to support the Disclosure Act View Additional Info on Our Webpage and FBpage NEW TO MD PPC – LET US KNOW HOW YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE 14 Policy Priorities to Heal the Nation #7 – Protect & Expand Voting & Civil RightsSome politicians deploy violence to silence us, collecting money and power stoking fear so they can overturn the will of the people at the ballot box, through the courts, and by blocking policies the majority of us favor.  As voters, we can make this a place where we can all thrive by voting those politicians out of power.                            Research Collaborative Messaging Please become familiar with and share Our PrinciplesOur DemandsOur CovenantOur Jubilee Platform14 Policy PrioritiesWaking the Sleeping Giant Report, and Tell Congress to Embrace the 3rd Reconstruction.  View Current Press Releases Please continue to listen to science, COVID-19 is real. Having a problem getting vaccinated – MD GOVAX-schedule vaccine appointment here MD PPC is continuing virtual meetings that are open to everyone. We are asking participants for any in-person events to practice COVID-19 safety precautions, wear your mask and social distance when applicable.  Stay safe!!!   We are a political non-partisan fusion movement. If you have not registered to receive ongoing updatesText moral to 38542 OR go to get on our distribution list by providing your name, email, cell, & zip code. Donate Here – Using PayPal  Forward Together, Not One Step Back!!!MD PPC We are now social, check us out!!! Additional Contact Information
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