August 4– Indigenous Allyship, Oak Flat, and You

The racial uprisings of the past several years have come with increased awareness about the current and historical mistreatment of Native Americans. This has led some to ask how they can better support their Indigenous Neighbors. At the same time, more and more people are becoming concerned about the health and safety of our planet. Please join us for a webinar and discussion with special guest speaker, Pastor Carol Rose, an Arizona resident and a passionate supporter of Indigenous Peoples and the fight to save Oak Flat.  We will be exploring topics like One Settlers solidarity with Indigenous Neighbors, a path to repair with both the Earth and the People.


August 27- On Earth Performers Drama Club for Kids

For children ages 6-11! The sessions will be one hour long and in English, but interpreters are welcome to join! The children will have the opportunity to make friends with other children from around the world, exploring topics of justice, peace, identity, friendship, and many more. 

We will be playing lots of different drama games, doing arts and crafts, character building, and script writing to make a final performance in December, which friends and family are welcome to join! 

*To participate in the final performance, it is expected that children have attended the November and December sessions.


August 27–  2-Hour Intro to Kingian Nonviolence

Join us for an overview of Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation on August 27, 2022 at 11am ET / 10am CT / 8am PT. Kingian Nonviolence is an approach to conflict and community leadership that offers values and methods useful for anyone who wants to use conflict constructively in your personal life, in group settings, or in community issues and building a reconciled world. 

This 2 Hour webinar covers:

  • The 4 pillars of Kingian Nonviolence
  • Initial introduction to the 6 Principles and 6 Steps – the “Will” and the “Skill” of Kingian Nonviolence.
  • The Social Dynamics of Kingian Nonviolence 

October 9- Colebrook Road Benefit Concert

Local (Central PA) band Colebrook Road ( will be offering a benefit concert for On Earth Peace at Stonebridge Farm, home of Rachel (Bucher) and Mike Swank, Lebanon, PA on Sunday, October 9.  The event will include music and food trucks.  Everyone is invited to come early to enjoy food trucks and outdoor spaces. 

This is a family friendly event – kids are welcome!  It is an outdoor venue- please bring chairs and blankets and dress for the weather.

Tickets are required for this fundraising event. 

$25 for general admission.

$100 to support yourself and 3 others.

Or pay what you can (initial $1 through ticketing platform and additional contribution at


September 2022 to February 2023- Level 1 Certification for Kingian Nonviolence Trainers

From September 2022 to February 2023, On Earth Peace will carry out a Level 1 Certification for Kingian Nonviolence Trainers. If you might be interested in this training of trainers program, please reply to this email or send a message to to receive the detailed course information as soon as it is ready

Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation is a codification of the philosophy, methodology and broader legacy of the Kingian era of Black-led freedom and civil/human rights struggle. Level One Certification authorizes you to lead the two-day (or 16-hr) core workshop in Kingian Nonviolence.  


The exact course days and times are still coming together, but we will meet for four hours one day per week from September through December, during morning hours US Pacific time. Practice teaching, required to complete the certification, will occur in early 2023. 


This program prepares Level One Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation trainers. Although Kingian Certification levels are interpreted a little differently across Kingian centers, Level One Certification consistently provides the portal to Kingian training and organizing, recognizing the ability to teach and interpret foundational material from the Kingian Nonviolence curriculum. 

This certification program is unique in a couple of ways: 

  • It will be conducted completely online — and therefore will include experiential and intentional training in online facilitation. 
  • It provides an initial exposure to elements of Kingian organizing and mobilizing perspectives which are usually left to later Kingian trainings beyond Level One Certification.  The designers of this program believe that in this current movement moment in North America and the world, we must equip people with more than the basics, even at “Level One.”  

We will create a community of learning and practice to deepen and expand our understanding of the Kingian Nonviolence approach. The rich context of relationships and commitment to building Beloved Community offers high-quality learning, collegial relationships with fellow social changers, and possibly even friendships to support your nonviolence work for the long haul. 


OEP Newsletter, Maria Garcia

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