Restorative Justice and Social Change Series + Active Bystander Intervention in weapon situations


Eli McCarthy <>

Greetings Peacemakers,

I hope you are well.

Let us know if you have a group or organization that would like an in-person or online training, whether that’s a one-time training or to set up a regular schedule of training sessions.

Next Training:
7/30 ONLINE Intro to Restorative Justice Circles from 9am-12:30pm ET. REGISTER HERE 

Restorative Justice and Societal Change Series
We plan to host 4 sessions on RJ & Societal Change, a new series for August, Wednesday evenings, 7-8:30pm ET

Theme: Large social and legal changes have produced a great deal of ripple effects in people’s lives. How do we process and respond to harms that we consider to come from larger forces – legislative, from the courts, broader international or domestic forces, and/or others? How do we take steps in our personal lives? Do we see ourselves going further than the realm of the personal? Four sessions with different topics will explore this theme with an RJ circle.

In addition: as this is a new series exploring the intersection of personal RJ and transformative justice, we value feedback and input from any individuals interested in this subject. If anyone has questions or ideas of what would help them process the theme of RJ & Societal Change, do not hesitate to email Angela at

8/10 ONLINE Restorative Justice and Large-Scale Social Change: Series Overview, from 7-8:30pm ET. Details and REGISTER HERE.

8/17 ONLINE Restorative Justice and Large-Scale Social Change: Gender Equity from 7-8:30pm ET. Details and REGISTER HERE.

8/24 ONLINE Restorative Justice and Large-Scale Social Change: Environmental Changes from 7-8:30pm ET. Details and REGISTER HERE.

8/31 ONLINE Restorative Justice and Large-Scale Social Change: Community Violence and Safety from 7-8:30pm ET. Details and REGISTER HERE.

Additional Upcoming Training:

8/13 ONLINE Advanced Bystander Intervention Training: Weapon Situations from 10am-12:30pm ET. Details and REGISTER HERE

10/8 ONLINE Introduction to Active Bystander Intervention from 10am-3pm (1 hr. break) ET. Details and REGISTER HERE.

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With Hope, Eli

Eli S. McCarthy PhD

Justice and Peace Studies

Georgetown University

510-717-8867 (c)

Books: Just Peace Ethic Primer: Building Sustainable Peace and Breaking Cycles of Violence (2020) 30% discount code: TGUF

Becoming Nonviolent Peacemakers: A Virtue Ethic for Catholic Social Teaching and U.S. Policy (2012)

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