The Women’s Club. JUNETEENTH! holiday weekend

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! to all fathers we know…

We send everyone our June message of inspiration on this important JUNETEENTH! holiday weekend. Cheverly has 2 holiday events, one sponsored by the Cheverly African American Community Organization (CAACO) and the second by the Mount Hope Commission. If you’ve received this already, we ask you to please read it again.


Here are some ways you can be a peace builder this June 2022 and beyond…

1) Visit the show cases in the foyer of the Community Center. Feel the sense of invitation and inclusion from the Town and the Women’s Club. Pass it along.

2) The U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum – Legacy of Light Society – “Today, more than ever it is important that we ensure that the true lessons of the Holocaust reach as many people as possible.” – story of the Michalos and Becker families. The Michalos family was designated as “Righteous Among the Nations” an honorific for non-Jews who risked their lives to rescue Jews from the Nazis. Both families now live in Baltimore. The Beckers recently helped the Michalos’ open a new restaurant (the New Southern Kitchen in Cockeysville, MD) when their old restaurant located in an office building closed because of the pandemic. (Since this was first written, Joel and I have visited the restaurant and spoke with a grandson of the Michalos family. It was quite touching, particularly because we are ethnically Jewish.

3) Visit Little Friends For Peace ( for details. This summer the Children’s Peace Summer Camp closest to Cheverly is in Greenbelt. You can find details to register children to all camps on the website.


Peace is a big global agreement. Peace is “pass the peas”. Peace is saying “Thank You”. Peace is saying, “Please”

Peace is standing strong. Peace is celebration. Peace is stepping back. Peace is quiet meditation.

Peace is a great blue sky. Peace is the deep blue sea. Peace is a running river. Peace is an old oak tree.

Peace makes people happy. Peace is lots of love. Peace is a comforting hug. Peace is a feathered dove.

Peace is little things. Peace is feeling free. Peace doesn’t have to be big. Peace can be you and me.

Share this poem with your children – by Cheverly resident, Sophia Riazi about 8 years ago when she was a child.


Pass Love in Action Along,

The Women’s Club Steering Committee

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