Global Silent Minute – Dec. 21, 2019

global silent minute for peace1line1global silent minute for peace2.pngThe Global Silent Minute brings us together as a global community, participating in One Minute for One Humanity to harness our collective power to create a better world for all.  Ring a bell and join those throughout the world in a minute of silence — the same minute everywhere, including 1 pm PT and 4 pm ET on 12/21/19.

global silent minute for peace3.png

Peace on earth.  Peace with the earth.

Nancy Merritt
On Behalf of Dot Maver – Global Silent Minute,
Peace Alliance,
& the National Department of Peacebuilding Campaign

Contribute to the Peace Alliance here:

global silent minute for peace4.png


The Peace Alliance

2108 Military Road
Arlington VA 22207

Ph: 202-684-2553

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