Immigration, Legal and Illegal: What’s the Difference?

A presentation by Professor Linda Rabben, UMD

Sunday, September 22,  2 p.m.

Greenbelt Community Center, Room 114

15 Crescent Rd, Greenbelt, MD

We invite the community to this free event, a chance to learn more about policies that affect the surge of immigrants worldwide. 

Linda Rabben is author of Sanctuary and Asylum: A Social and Political History, Associate Research Professor of Anthropology at the University of Maryland, and a human rights activist.  This book, her eighth, was published in 2016. She did field research in Brazil over a 27-year period and worked for Amnesty International, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, the Rainforest Foundation, and other NGOs on human rights, migration, environmental and international development issues. She has spoken about migration issues to diverse audiences in the US, UK, Ireland, Holland and France.  Some of you may remember her as discussion leader at a recent “Reel & Meal” event featuring Purgatorio, about immigrants on the US/Mexico border. 

Sponsors: PGC Peace & Justice Coalition, Greenbelt People Power

       For more information contact donna.hoffmeister@….

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