Today’s posts are crucial – SOPC act on these today and tonight!

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While we have some strong votes in the Senate, we expect strong opposition and possible weakening amendments will be presented prior to the Senate floor votes. At this 11th hour, It is important we keep the pressure on by targetting 5 key Senators in your social posts. We need to reinforce the message to support this bill with no weakening amendments.

Also, please continue to send out action alerts targeting the entire Senate.


Pesticide drift can put waterways, schools and neighborhoods at risk of exposure to chlorpyrifos from nearby golf courses, orchards and farms that spray this toxic chemical. It’s time for the Maryland Senate to take action and #BanChlorpyrifos!

Tag in Twitter: post this several times, BE SURE to enter Senate handles below, a few at a time, within 280 characters limit (Sen. Ellis has no twitter):







There are many alternative insecticide products on the market that are less toxic to humans and can treat the same crop pests that chlorpyrifos targets, and many Maryland farmers and golf courses are already using them. There is no need for this dangerous chemical in our state – we hope the Senate will protect Marylanders and #BanChlorpyrifos!

Tag in Facebook: one post and tag all of them, as you type in each handle, Facebook will recognize you are looking for a person and as they display the name, click on that person’s page:

Page: Guy Guzzone Serving Howard County   






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