Coalition, we’re getting down to the wire – TAKE ACTION for Md to ban the brain-damaging pesticide chlorpyrifos


Coalition, we’re getting down to the wire–we expect a vote in the Senate committee today then quick movement to the floor, where opponents will push for weakening amendments. We urgently need 3 actions–post to Facebook and Twitter, multiple times and send one last big push through email (longer action alert below).

— Huge thanks from everyone in SOPC

Post to Twitter

ACTION NOW: Time is short! Tell your Senator to #BanChlorpyrifos–pass SB 270 with NO weakening amendments. Call: or send email:

Post to Facebook

! We’re getting down to the wire and REALLY need your help! Make a quick call to your state Senator, or send email NOW! Tell them: Pass SB270 with NO weakening amendments. Call with this link: or Send email:

Email Action Alert

TAKE ACTION NOW: The Maryland Senate is about to take several critical votes on Maryland’s chlorpyrifos ban bill, SB 270. Maryland kids NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Please ACT NOW!

Tell your Senator: Protect our kids (and bees, and the Bay) and get chlorpyrifos out of Maryland! Vote YES on SB 270 with NO weakening amendments!

Dow Chemical the manufacturer of chlorpyrifos, and their minions, are working hard to defeat or weaken the bill. We need you to speak up NOW and make sure legislation to ban the use of this dangerous chemical in Maryland passes the Senate. Your action is critically important to protect Maryland children–as well as pollinators, wildlife, Bay fisheries and our ecosystem.

CALL your Senator NOW. A one-minute phone call or voicemail can make the difference–every call is counted!

If you cannot callSEND EMAIL with this link.

Maryland’s babies, bees and the Bay thank you!

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