National March on Washington: Hands off Venezuela! No coup, no sanctions, no new U.S. war!

National March on Washington: Hands off Venezuela! No coup, no sanctions, no new U.S. war!


The following cities are organizing transportation to D.C.!

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Saturday, March 16, 12pm
White House, Washington, D.C.

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On Saturday, March 16, thousands of people will march in Washington, D.C. against the Trump administration’s effort to engineer a coup in Venezuela and a new devastating war there. The aggressive policy against Venezuela repeats the ugly pattern of wars for regime change in the oil-rich countries of Iraq and Libya. National Security Advisor John Bolton is reading from the same script, declaring a “troika of tyranny” in Latin America (like the “axis of evil”) as a precursor for regime change first in Venezuela, and then Cuba and Nicaragua. Trump has always said that the “mistake” of the Middle East wars was that the U.S. didn’t “take the oil.”

It is time to stand up and with a clear voice say NO to the newest example of the “Monroe Doctrine,” which the U.S. government has used for over two centuries to repeatedly invade Latin America and Caribbean, control its politics and extract its resources.

The White House aims to overthrow the government of President Nicolás Maduro and replace him with Juan Guaidó. Guaidó is a U.S.-trained operative who was unknown to the vast majority of Venezuelans before he proclaimed himself president — at Vice President Mike Pence’s urging. Although Guaidó has the backing of Trump, the CIA, and the Republican and Democratic Party leaderships alike, huge numbers of Venezuelans have marched to reject this coup and defend their independence.

On March 16the people of the United States will come together to say:

  • U.S. hands off Venezuela!
  • NO to the coup — the U.S. does not have the right to select other country’s leaders!
  • NO to the sanctions, oil embargo and economic war on Venezuela that aims to cause suffering for ordinary people in the country.
  • NO to intervention and war from the U.S. and their proxies in the region

Donate to the march, and help cover thousands of dollars of up-front printing and transportation costs.


  • ANSWER Coalition
  • Black Alliance for Peace
  • Alliance for Global Justice
  • San Francisco Central Labor Council
  • Popular Resistance
  • Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee
  • Haïti Liberté
  • International Support Haiti Network
  • Popular Education Project
  • Abby Martin, journalist, The Empire Files
  • Dr. Jill Stein, 2016 Green Party presidential candidate
  • Dr. Jared Ball, Prof. of Communication Studies, Morgan State Univ., imixwhatilike
  • Medea Benjamin, activist and author, CodePink
  • Cindy Sheehan, activist and author, Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox
  • Berthony Dupont, Director, Haïti Liberté
  • Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, constitutional rights attorney
  • Max Blumenthal, journalist
  • Ajamu Baraka, National Organizer, Black Alliance for Peace
  • Mike Prysner, Iraq War veteran, producer, The Empire files
  • Dr. George Ciccariello-Maher, author
  • Dr. Anthony Monteiro, Saturday Free School
  • Dr. Jodi Dean, author, Prof. of Political Science, Hobart & William Smith Colleges
  • Gloria La Riva, National Coordinator, Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee
  • Kim Ives, journalist
  • Anoa Changa, host, The Way With Anoa
  • Dan Cohen, journalist and filmmaker
  • Chuck Kaufman, National Co-Coordinator, Alliance for Global Justice
  • Eugene Puryear, Stop Police Terror Project
  • Jeanette Charles, International Solidarity Liaison, Venezuela Analysis
  • Lucas Koerner, Editor and Analyst, Venezuela Analysis
  • Margaret Flowers, Co-Coordinator, Popular Resistance
  • Kevin Zeese, Co-Coordinator, Popular Resistance
  • Dan Kovalik, author and human rights lawyer
  • Mahdi Bray, National Director, American Muslim Alliance (AMA)
  • Brian Becker, National Director, ANSWER Coalition
  • 615 U.S. West Coast Committee
  • A Call to Action on Puerto Rico
  • AFSCME 2401
  • Arab Americans for Syria
  • Asheville Democratic Socialists of America
  • Australia Solidarity with Latin America
  • Baltimore Peace Action
  • BAYAN Pacific Northwest
  • Birmingham Democratic Socialists of America
  • Black Panther Party Alumni Association – LA Chapter
  • Canadian Peace Congress
  • Centro Autónomo de Albany Park, Chicago
  • Chelsea Uniting Against the War
  • Chicago ALBA Solidarity
  • Christian Network for Liberation and Equality
  • Clínica Martín-Baró (San Francisco, CA)
  • Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism
  • D19: FNRP/LIBRE, USA-Canada
  • Danbury Committee for World Peace
  • Democratic Socialists of DePauw
  • Eastern Masschusetts Pride at Work, AFL-CIO
  • El MAS Movemiento Al Socialism
  • Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front – Los Angeles
  • Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice – Venezuela Solidarity Campaign (Canada)
  • Freedom Socialist Party
  • Friends of the Congo
  • Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition
  • Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace
  • Global Women’s Strike
  • Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ)
  • Gray Panthers of Metropolitan Washington
  • Greater Boston Chapter of the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts
  • Green Party of New Jersey
  • Green Party of Santa Clara County
  • Green Party US Peace Action Committee
  • GW Progressive Student Union
  • Houston Socialist Movement
  • Hugo Chavez People’s Defense Front- Toronto
  • Int’l Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity
  • Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace
  • International Action Center
  • Internationalist Students’ Front at GW
  • Jamaica Patriotic Movement
  • Juan Jose Gutierrez, director of the Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition
  • Korean Peace Alliance
  • La Voz de los de Abajo
  • Labor Fightback Network
  • Los Angeles Greens
  • Malcolm X Center
  • Malcolm X Grassroots Movement
  • March and Rally Los Angeles
  • March on the Pentagon
  • Massachusets Green Rainbow Party
  • Massachusetts Peace Action
  • Mobilization Against War and Occupation (MAWO) – Vancouver, Canada
  • Monmouth County Green Party
  • Movimiento 26 de Abril-Puerto Rico
  • National Lawyers Guild/L.A.
  • New Mexico Raging Grannies
  • NJ Anti War Agenda
  • North Alabama Peace Network
  • Office of the Americas
  • ONE DC
  • Party for Socialism and Liberation
  • Peace Action of San Mateo County
  • Peace and Freedom Party of California
  • People United Against Oppression
  • Pittsburgh Anti-Imperialist League
  • Pride at Work, Massachusetts AFL-CIO
  • Puerto Rican Nationalist Party
  • Radical Women
  • Revolution LA
  • Roofers Local 36
  • Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
  • San José Peace and Justice Center
  • Seattle Anti War Coalition
  • Seed the Commons
  • SEIU International Lavender Caucus
  • SoCal 350 Climate Action
  • Socialist Coalition of North Georgia
  • Socialist Party of Ventura County
  • Socialist Rifle Association
  • Sri Lanka Peace & Solidarity Council
  • St. Pete for Peace
  • Stop the War Machine
  • Task Force on Americas
  • Tennessee Activist Coalition
  • The Peace House, OKC
  • Trabajadores unidos de Washington DC
  • Tribuno Del Pueblo
  • Unidad Latina en Accion
  • Union de Vecinos
  • US Dept Of Peace – Ojai
  • US Labor Against the War
  • Venezuela Solidarity Committee, Boston, Massacuestts
  • Veterans For Peace
  • Veterans For Peace Chapter 099
  • Veterans For Peace Chapter 89 Nashville
  • Veterans For Peace, Chapter 23, Rochester, NY
  • Veterans For Peace, Monterey Chapter 46
  • Virginia Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality
  • Washtenaw Reds
  • WESPAC Foundation, Inc
  • Wilder Utopia
  • WNC 4 Peace
  • Women In Black Lancaster
  • Women of Color in the Global Women’s Strike
  • Zimbabwe Pan Africanist Youth Agenda
  • Coleen Rowley (Apple Valley, Minnesota)
  • Dominic Moulden (Washington, DC)
  • Dr. Henry Clark (Richmond, Ca)
  • Elaine Kinch (Racine, WI)
  • Walter Lippmann (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Alan Minsky, Progressive Democrats of America*
  • Ann Wright, Retired US Army Colonel and former US diplomat*
  • Arnold Matlin, Rochester Committee on Latin America*
  • Bob Baldock, KPFA Radio*
  • Carolyn/Tom Horvath/Leonhardt, Hope House of Prayer*
  • Chris Agee, CovertAction Magazine*
  • Corry Hughes, For the People, By the People Indivisible North Country NH*
  • Danilo Udovicki, University of Texas at Austin, associate professor School of Architecture*
  • Dr Eulalia Reyes, Australia – Venezuela Solidarity Network*
  • Gar Smith, Environmentalists Against War*
  • Gayle McLaughlin, California Progressive Alliance*
  • Gerry Condon, President, Veterans For Peace*
  • Jan Corderman, WILPF US*
  • Jim Lafferty, Executive Director Emeritus of the National Lawyers Guild, Los Angeles*
  • John Beacham, Crashing the System Podcast*
  • Johnny Achi, Co-Founder Arab Americans for Syria*
  • Jon Flanders, Troy Area Labor Council, AFL-CIO*
  • Juan José Gutiérrez, Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition*
  • Julia La Riva, UTLA Teacher*
  • Lucy Pagoada, D19: FNRP/LIBRE, USA-Canada*
  • Madelyn Hoffman, New Jersey Peace Council *
  • Nancy Hansen, Washington Against Nuclear Weapons (coalition of WPSR)*
  • Nnennaya Amuchie, Black youth project 100 (BYP100) DC*
  • Susanna Cooper, Jemez Action Group*
  • Theresa El-Amin, Southern Anti-Racism Network*
  • Valerie Robinson, Stop Targeting Ohio’s Poor*
  • William Rood, Southeast MN Alliance of Peacemakers*

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