GMOM is having excellent success at early voting sites petitioning for the passage of the Democracy Amendment Resolution in the upcoming General Assembly session. With some luck (weather-wise) and a few more volunteers, we could conceivably sign up 1,000 new supporters. Special thanks to Alexandra, Andy, Angad, Ashley, Daniel, Dona, Eliot, Hank, John, Kathleen, Laura, Lois, Patrick, Phil, Susan, and Tim.
Petitioning_Dona_(2) Latest Update – One hundred (100) active candidates for General Assembly have taken the “Pledge to Get $$$ Out,including the Speaker, Speaker Pro Tem, and Majority Leader of the House of Delegates and 3 out of 4 committee chairs in the Senate. These candidates pledged to support a Democracy Amendment to the Constitution and to work for passage of the Democracy Amendment Resolution when the legislature convenes.

GNOM1.jpgBaltimore City voters will have a chance to amend the City Charter to allow for the creation of a permanent public campaign finance fund. GMOM strongly supports the passage of Question H, and we urge you to vote Yes. ATTEND THESE GREAT EVENTS TO LEARN MORE ABOUT QUESTION H. (Click below for details.) OR REPLY TO THIS EMAIL TO VOLUNTEER. Canvass for Question H with Progressive Maryland and BaltimoreFairElex, Wed., Oct. 31, 5:30 – 7:30 PM Canvass for Question H with Represent.Maryland and BaltimoreFairElex, Sun., Nov. 4, 9:30 – 11:30 AM P. S. Last week, the Prince George’s County Council passed a bill creating a public campaign finance fund for local elections that will start operating in the 2026 election.

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