Current NAFTA proposal needs a lot of work

Dear friends: Several days ago, the Trump administration published the text of its proposed revisions to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  Despite progress in several important areas, the current NAFTA proposal fails to make the critical changes necessary to protect jobs, raise wages, defend human rights and reverse environmental damage. Earlier this year, over 1,000 of your organizations wrote to policymakers with shared civil society demands for a successful NAFTA replacement.  Attached, please find an annotated version of that letter quickly highlighting where improvements have been made, where more work is needed and where negotiators’  current proposals actually make things worse.   This is intended simply as a thumbnail sketch that illustrates the work that remains to be done.  More-detailed analyses are already available from the Labor Advisory Committee on Trade Negotiations and Trade PolicyGlobal Trade Watch and the Sierra Club, among others.  The shared conclusion from commentators across the labor, environmental, consumer, family farm and faith communities is that substantial additional changes are needed before the NAFTA renegotiation is something working families can be happy about.   We need your help countering the White House’s position that this is a done deal.  If you haven’t yet, please write to Congress insisting on a comprehensive NAFTA replacement that truly prioritizes working people and the planet.  For those able to mobilize your organization’s members and supporters in demand of further changes, a number of additional resources are available online here Many thanks, Arthur Stamoulis, Executive DirectorCITIZENS TRADE CAMPAIGN Online: Twitter: @citizenstrade View MUPJ Newsletter

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