The Anatomy of Resistance!

The last several months have been some of the most challenging for our country in quite some time. The current presidential administration has tried to bewilder us with a constant barrage of attacks on freedom and basic dignity of the most vulnerable. Yet, as we survey the country, there remain stories of people doing extraordinary work to resist.
In times like these, when it’s easy to focus on the losses, we realize that it’s important to lift up moments of goodness. This is why we are going live today with the launch of our new podcast series, The Anatomy of Resistance: Where we (the people) won and why.
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For this first episode, which focuses on the Women’s March, it was our privilege to talk with two national organizers who have been critical to its development, Paola Mendoza and Sarah Sophie Flicker. They share lessons from organizing the march and talk about how art and creativity is essential to the movement.

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In the coming episodes, as your co-hosts — Erica Chenoweth and Anthony Grimes — we will spotlight stories of innovative moments of resistance and talk about why they were successful.
Our hope is that we can give organizers and everyday citizens tools to be more effective in our collective resistance.
Paola Mendoza, artistic director for the Women’s March on Washington, was recently named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film. Her feature, documentary, and short films, which have won awards at film festivals around the world, explore immigrant stories and the problems related to deportation laws. Ms. Mendoza was a two-time nominee for the NALIP Estel Awards given to Latino filmmakers who show extraordinary promise in the field of directing.
Sarah Sophie Flicker, strategic advisor to the Women’s March, is an activist performer who founded Citizen’s Band, a political/cabaret group active in raising  funds and awareness. She writes for several websites, including Rookie and Hello Giggles; has conceptualized and directed videos in support of women’s issues; and collaborated with Lizz Winstead (co-founder of The Daily Show) on the political advocacy group Lady Parts Justice.
Dr. Erica Chenoweth is award-winning co-author of Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict and professor & associate dean for research at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver.
Anthony Grimes is director of campaigns & strategy for the Fellowship of Reconciliation. He is also a writer, photographer/filmmaker, human rights activist, and theologian based in Denver, Colorado.

Check out Episode 1 of The Anatomy of Resistance now on SoundCloud or iTunes!

In the struggle,

Anthony Grimes and Erica Chenoweth
Co-Hosts, The Anatomy of Resistance
Produced by the Fellowship of Reconciliation
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